8800 GTS Temp Specs

By cogenmaster
Feb 28, 2007
  1. Recently rebuilt computer: msi p965, duo e6600, msi 8800 gts, xclio 500w power supply, 2gb corsair ddr800. I have a generic full size atx case with inlet fan on bottom of front of the case and exhaust fan on the upper back of the case.

    Computer runs extremely well except for some Vista glithes here and there, bad idea upgrading to vista!!!!!!!

    My only concern since upgrading is the temp that the 8800 operates at. 65-67c at idle with fan in auto. 59-62cidle with fan a 80% adjusted with ntune.
    With the fan control on auto i saw the 8800 temp at 91c after couple hours of fear. With fan control in manual the load temp stay on the high 70's. Ntune has a bug and the manual fan control has to be reset at each reboot and rivatuner does not seem to work well under vista. I can't seem to find any definative info on what the high end temp specification is for the nv g80. I want to enjoy my new system not be constantly worried about graphics card temps. Does anyone know or can you find find what nvidia states as the normal and max operating temps for the 8800 gts. I would greatly appreciate it!.
  2. twite

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    Don't worry, that is normal for the card. Those cards take up alot of power=higher temps.
  3. SNGX1275

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    I've got an AGP 7800GS and its throttling temp is set at 125C. Runs about 75C playing Command and Conquer 3 Demo, I imagine it would be a bit higher running FEAR.

    In short, I think you are pretty safe with those temps with that card.
  4. cogenmaster

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    Thanks for the replys

    I wish that Nvidia would have the card go to 100% fan speed during full screen 3d ops or at a certain temp. The fan is not that loud and I would think that nvidia would want to keep the temp down as much as possible. The card is enourmous, pretty much a giant heatsink. It is the first really expensive video card I have ever purchased and I am not disappointed in the slightest.

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