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9600 series; which one?

By videobruce ยท 5 replies
Feb 9, 2004
  1. I really hate to ask this, but what is the difference between these cards?
    I'm looking for a replacement to a 9100 (8500LE I beleive) and want to stay under $150 (or so). I don't need the fastest of the 9600 series, just the best bang for the buck.
    I see that there is a 9600SE, 9600, 9600Pro and a 9600XT (I think that is the price order) starting from around $70 up to about $200 (big price spread for the same number.
    128MB for memory is ok and it has to have a DVI out along with a VGA out.
    Without spending a day or two looking through all the tests any input or would a slightly older 9500 or 9700 be within what I'm looking for?

    When I got my 9100 I was considering a 9500, but price stopped that choice. I don't want to sopund cheap, but I have a hard time justfying much over $150 for a video card!
  2. Supra

    Supra TS Enthusiast Posts: 190

    Stay away from the 9600SE. It is a severly crippled card. The memory bus has like half the bandwidth of any of the other cards you listed which is very important. Any of the other cards are good but I think the XT is supposed to be the best performance wise.
  3. videobruce

    videobruce TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 93

    I see there is a 2 1/2x price spread between the SE and the XT.
    Is it just the type of memory where they skimp?
    Knocking out the SE from the mix, between the 9600, 9600Pro and the 9600XT are the Preo and XT version REALLY worth the extra $$ other than a few points on some benchmark program?
  4. Supra

    Supra TS Enthusiast Posts: 190

    The memory bus on the SE is only 64bit, the others are 128bit. If you go to this link ATI Comparison and pick the 3 9600 models listed you can see the hardware differences of the top 3. I recommend this one Sapphire 9600XT :grinthumb
  5. Vehementi

    Vehementi TechSpot Paladin Posts: 2,645

    Well, it's really your choice on what you want to buy, I can't definitively say which one you should get. If you want a little extra performance, go with the 9600XT for $151. If you kinda care, but don't really, go for the 9600 Pro for $135. If you want just a utilitarian (most modern technology for the cheapest price) video card go for the 9600 for like $100 or so. Just heed the advice of the other guys in this thread plus me and play hot potato with the 9600SE.
  6. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,512   +65

    Best bang for your buck: 9600
    Not worth the cash: 9600SE
    Fastest 9600: 9600XT
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