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A Defective CPU on Notebook?

Dec 28, 2005
  1. Hi,

    TTX Netbook Model 9000 - Pentium III; 600MHz mobile
    Processor(MMC2); 256 SDRAM(2 128MB DIMM) with a 12 GB Hard Drive.

    Laptop does not load Windows XP every time. Sometimes I have to turn the
    laptop on and off a few times before Windows XP will load. Other times I
    have to boot from the Windows CD to get the laptop running. After the laptop
    warms up it seems to work without any problems.

    I have replaced the hard drive and memory.

    More Information.

    When I try to power up the computer it starts to go through the process. The system status indicator LED's flash, you can hear the hard drive spinning and the screen lights up brightly with the TTX logo then goes dark as Windows tries to start. The Windows logo starts to come up very dimly and everything quits. After holding down the power button to turn the computer off and then restarting it by touching the power button everything starts again as described above. This time however it goes into the restart mode with black and white screen for safe mode, last known configuration or start normally options . . . . none of which work.

    I then insert the CD turn the computer off and on as described above. Then instead of Windows starting I get a message asking if I want to ""Boot from CD to click any key". Upon doing so a blue "Windows Setup" screen comes up. Then after loading several files and drivers I get a message that "Windows is Starting" but instead of starting everything shuts down and the computer shuts off.

    Upon touching the power button the computer tries to start again as described above. During this start up process I take the CD out and the computer goes into the black & white "safe, last known configuration or normal" startup option screen. This time by selecting "last known or "normal" option Windows may or may not open. If not I repeat the "Boot from CD" procedure described above again one or more times until I finally get windows to start.

    Is this problem caused by a defective CPU?

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