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Jan 29, 2008
  1. we have this virus and have not been able to remove it. I have the FindAWF.exe and have run step 1. Can you help me please
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    Tell us a lot more about your install and configuration, please. What anti virus and anti spyware is installed? What removal tools have you tried?
  3. DTOliver

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    Symantec Anit Virus, Cox Security Suite, Used Ad-aware in a deep scan, tried a couple of others on the web when I searched for a.doginhispen but nothing could find it or remove it.
  4. LuckyM

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  5. DTOliver

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    Elminated a.doginhispen

    Tried over 7 Anti-Virus programs but nothing removed the Trojan, So back to the basics for me. I ran FindAWF option 1 which showed me all of the BAK directories on the PC. working from that list I did the same job that useing option 2, 3 and 4 would do but I did it myself.

    The size of this trojan is 14348 (or 15K) so from the list that FindAWF produced I removed the trojan's version of the exe(s) and replaced them with the origional version that was in the BAK directory.

    I did need to go into safe mode to remove one of the entries.

    I then searched for anything changed on my PC on 1/28/08 (the date we first fould the trojan and the date the FindAWF showed on its list.

    I did find one more entry that was a 8 didgit .exe find name that was 15K in size and its modification date was 1/28/08.

    After doing this work and re-booting everything is now working correctly and there is no trace of the trojan showing up anywhere. All my security software and the Internet work as designed.
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