a good power supply watt calculator

By Rockfan1815
Mar 30, 2005
  1. what are some good power supply calculators. I am working on an old computer and I am not sure if the current power supply is good enough. I am hoping it is good enough because it is an older computer with a power supply they don't make anymore. [​IMG] those three connecters connect to the mother board. I want to know because I want to put in a pci video card. It also is a very small power supply most likely Micro atx. It as a amd k-6 and a pc133 memory up to 300mb, 1 hard drive, 1 cd drive, 1 floppy and thats all.
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    Don't worry about that. Just try and see what happens-

    My "server" machine (an old Vectra VL6 desktop) at home has the original 150W HP power supply. It has 5 hard drives in it, CD-ROM and all ISA/PCI slots full. It's a 233MHz PII with 128MB of RAM. Runs just fine.
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