A new and improved version of Bluetooth audio is on the way


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I have had several Samsung phones, from a S3 through a S10. I currently have both a S5 and also a S10. Is a S10 current enough? I have used numerous devices from bluetooth headphones, two different bluetooth home theater receivers, my car, etc etc. Also using different sound sources such as streaming audio to video to games. All of them have 1+ second delay. Anything interactive is laughable. Wired connections have been perfect every time. Numerous others also have the same issue as google searches agree.

My WiFi is full speed and have never had issues within a descent range.
Sounds like Samsung is the problem

Bullwinkle M

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I have a Tronsmart portable speaker and yes, I can 100% tell that there is a delay.

As for how you are giving these numbers is beyond me, do you have special measuring tools? You are not getting sub 100ms even with AptX HD, and AptX HD is generally limited to a few Qualcomm devices.

FYI AptX by itself does not reduce latency, you need to have an AptX Adaptive capable device for that to happen. Another standard barely supported.
I cannot find AptX Low Latency or even AptX in the info for Tronsmart portable speaker

Yes, "ALL" devices should support both AptX and Low Latency to benefit from the technology

Get a stereo 3.5mm Y cable and send the left channel output from your computer directly into the left channel of a portable audio recorder (use another y-cable for the recorders input)

Send the right channel into the bluetooth transmitter with the receiver on the right channel for the recorder

Record MONO test signals into both channels

check the recording in Audacity / Audition or whatever audio program you have to measure the delay from bluetooth transmission

If both transmitter and receiver are the same brand and model, you should get decent latency numbers as long as they both have AptX and LL