A rare look inside the personal lives of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla...

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Gayle King with CBS This Morning spoke with the Zuckerbergs on a variety of topics including family. They have two daughters, Max and August, who probably aren’t unlike the children you may have. Despite having the financial ability to give them anything they could ever dream of materially, the Zuckerbergs don’t.

In fact, the kids have chores and they even sometimes go to the office with their parents to see what they do and how they contribute.

As for work, Chan confirmed that yes, work does sometimes come home. “We care deeply about our work,” she said. “And so we don't leave it at the door. But we are super careful about thinking about, 'Is this the moment to talk about it?'”

King uncovered the fact that Mark is the sentimental one in the relationship and that they have a weekly date night in which work isn’t discussed. Indeed, setting time aside like that is an important part of building and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Something else that might surprise outsiders is the fact that there almost wasn’t a second date. Back at Harvard during their first date, Zuckerberg told Chan he had a take-home midterm he needed to complete but told her he’d rather hang out with her instead. Zuckerberg thought she’d take it as a compliment but instead, she thought, “this guy’s going nowhere. He’s blowing off his homework!”

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"The Zuckerbergs are a lot like you and I"

Well, Mark's platform is indeed home to quite a lot of quasi-ethical shilling, so...


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Nah, they aren't like you and I. They are billionaires. I don't own that 30k pink Kate Spade jacket or whatever she has on lol.

Only thing we probably have in common is that yes, sometimes work does come home with me.

Oh and what's this work about that I bring home? Blocking social media apps such as Facebook via Umbrella, Zscaler, etc!


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The guy dropped out of Harvard because they were going to expel him...and we're supposed to believe he was worried about homework assignments..?

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What a waste .... they could have spent the time grilling him and it would have been a LOT more enjoyable to watch!