A very wierd thing with ping during the online play (Counter Strike 1.6)

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Dec 7, 2004
  1. First of all, hello there ppl.

    I have a wierd problem with my ping during the online play. It goes around 90 to 140/200 sometimes more. Wile my girlfriend, have 50-80 constantly?? The wierd thing is that we are on the same home network set by me and playing on the same servers. I`ve set up her computer, mine computer, and the router. I tried changing ports on the router (netgear) but its the same thing. I even reinstalled whole system couse of that.

    She has MSI system with barthon 2500+ 512 megs of ram and gforce fx 5600 with lan card Realtek RTL8139 family pci fast Ethernet NIC
    and i have MSI system with Newcastle 64bit 3000+ 1gig of ram and fx 5900. My lan card is Realtek RTL8169 family Gigabit Ethernet NIC (integrated)
    Were both running win xp proffesional sp2.
    And we both have the same firewall, antivirus, pestpatrol running all the time.

    Internet connection is a cable 1536/512k.

    My doubts are that my lan card is screwing things up,couse its Integrated on the Main Board. But my common sence tells me "How can a 100mbit lan make a problem with the game that works perfectly with 128k connection"

    I'll appriciate every opinion on this matter. Thanks,
  2. xpyrox04x

    xpyrox04x TS Rookie

    hi i dont really have a solution jus another problem. mine is basically the same as yours but my ping averages at about 1500!!!!!! this is with a DSL>>768k internet connection. on the stem servers window the latencies are about 40 but as soon as i enter the game they go up to around 1500 and sometimes even hitting 4000!!!! i really need some help guys because my ping is fine on everything else except counter strike (i think i have 1.6 installed). if you have any ideas please let me know step by step as i am not much of a computer whizz.
    thanks alot.
  3. digitaldeejay

    digitaldeejay TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I fixed my problem ;)
    As i was saying, the integrated lan card was making problems, i dont know why tough. But when i put in, and installed new lan card everything was better. And then i accessed the router and forwarded ports and now the game runs smooth.

    scotty, try the same. Reinstall the game, install newest drivers for your lan card, and mainboard (if the lan card is integrated) fwd the ports on the router (if you have any).

    Do a little test, open com. promt, ping and tracert the servers ip. Less hops to the server --> the better. Look at the reply's. Porhaps you were trying servers with over 30 hops from you. Or if the server is in another country, and you're isp have their connections via satelite... (thats not good at all...)

    You can call ISP's Tech. Support and ask them. Porhaps you have connection wich is not for gameing, in that case you will have to pay something more per month then usual (my friend had this problem in germany... i dont know where you live)

    There can be many reasons for you're problem. You shoud call you're tech support FIRST, and ask what kind of connection you have.
  4. xpyrox04x

    xpyrox04x TS Rookie

    ok thnx for the advice but can you explain the bit about the graphics cards and ports please as i have no idea how to do any of this. as for reinstalling counter strike i only the older version on disk as i downloaded 1.6 from the internet. i will ring my internet provider about my connection( which is DSL>>768k by the way) and ask them about it.
    thanks any way.
  5. digitaldeejay

    digitaldeejay TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Your Graphic card cant be the problem. Look under the VIDEO options in you're counter strike.. You shoud run the game under OPEN GL.

    Lan card = Network Adapter. Go in Control Panal and see which card you have installed, and then try google or manufacturers home page for the newest drivers. Download and Install.

    As for the ports on you're router... Log on to the router, and you should see "Port Forwarding" option.

    You should see "service name" and server ip adress. you shoud have a button for the "add custom service" there too. Click on it. As the service name enter counter-strike. Server ip adress is you're IP in you're local network, so enter the numbers (ipconfig in command promt if you dont know what's the ip of you're pc) . you will have starting and ending port option too. Start port should be 27015 and end port can be the same, or 27015. Click the apply. And thats it.
  6. xpyrox04x

    xpyrox04x TS Rookie

    Found The Answer!

    hello again i have sorted out my ping problem. it seems that running 1.6 in openGL was the cause of my problem.i changed from openGL to System(i dont know what this is but i tried it and it worked). my ping is now down to about 20 and rarely tops 60. hope this works for you guys.

    p.s. D3D was also an option that i tried but i had problems aiming( i think this was because the graphics looked alot better which therefore lowered the other gaming qualities)
    hope this also helps :D.
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