A7n8x-e deluxe + 6800 le problems

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Dec 7, 2004
  1. hi, i recently brought a new pc and used the Asus a7n8x-e deluxe mother board and geforce 6800 le graphics card.

    i have experienced some serious problems with using these and was wondering if anyone could help me.

    the problem i have is that when i am gaming i get a full system crash. my screen goes black and everything freezes so i have to restart... i heard that this was down to a bios problem but i am not sure and was hoping that someone could shed some light on it for me.. i thought that the card may be overclocked but usin the expert tool that comes with the geforce i cannot underclock the card..

    please help if possible.
  2. Skarn

    Skarn TS Rookie

    A7N8X-E Deluxe and RAM

    I am curious, Do you have two RAM modules in the computer? If so what are they?
  3. craigparsons

    craigparsons TS Rookie Topic Starter

    2x 512mb corssair == 1 gig do u need the model number?

    ive also noticed usin the expert tool that the memory clock setting is at 700mhz

    this is in the RED an i cannot lower the setting which is making the card overheat when i play games.
  4. Skarn

    Skarn TS Rookie

    I would put the ram modules in slots DDR DIMM _B1 and DDR DIMM_A2 if they are not already there. (The left most slot and the right most slot leaving the middle blue slot open.) I had problems with a system I put together with this motherboard where the system would reboot when gaming and putting the memory modules in those spots fixed the problem. I was using two PC3200 512 MB CL=3 Crucial Ram. Let me know if that works.
  5. craigparsons

    craigparsons TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ive switched the ram around to be in the two outer slots no change...

    i believe it is the card as it is clocked to 700mhz at the moment but its normal setting is about 350mhz

    i cant lower this setting in the expertool... my bios, vga bios and expertool are all updated!!

    any ideas?
  6. Skarn

    Skarn TS Rookie

    Well to be sure it is the video card causing you problems. I would get a friends video card or an old video card and put it in your computer and see if you experience the same problems. If not, then you may want to get a card that isn't overclocked or figure out how to make that one work. I don't know what to do to get it to work. I'd try to use google to find the answer or ditch that card.

    I was looking through the owners manual and I did notice the AGP Frequency setting option in the bios, you may want to try to change that or see what it is set at in your bios. Nevermind... I am not sure what that does. Maybe worth looking into to see if it could help.
  7. sirking

    sirking TS Rookie

    I have the same problem
    same videocard, other moth : k8n neo platinum

    I've installed all the possible cooling without result

  8. se73n

    se73n TS Rookie

    One thing that i just can't stand whatsoever is when people blame well know graphic card Manufacturing companies for stoopid little things and give them such a bad name after they have done so much for you... Here's what I found....

    I had the most bizzare problem with my Gainward 6800LE and believe it or not,,,i solved the problem. I bought my card 3 months ago and suddenly the games started freezing up after about 10-20 minutes of games play. It gave me a black screen and had this annoying sound looping that forced you to reset the pc, but it didn't help. I had to power the pc off completely in order for it to power back up. The funny thing was that it never crashed or froze or reboot when i was inside windows, only when I tried to play a game. I've tried games like Doom3 / Half life 2 / XIII / Farcry and all of them gave me that black screen and crashing the pc completely after about an hour of gameplay. Halflife 2 worked for about 5 minutes at the most before freezing, which made this the worst of all games tested. I tried replacing memory,,,cpu,,,motherboard,,,reinstalled windows,,,nothing helped. I sent the card back to the manufacturer and the card tested ok? I couldn't believe it and they couldn't believe me either. I took the card back home,,tried it again and it still gave me black screens. Then I tried something that sounds very stoopid,,but it worked. I disconnected all my hardware (modem / dvdrom / dvdwriter / case fans / neon base lights) and only had my 6800LE and hard drive connected to my motherboard. I loaded Half Life 2 and played the whole night without a single crash or black screen. The conclusion was that the next Gen Graphics cards require allot more power from your power supply than what you think. I had a 300Watt power supply and obviously it wasn't enough for this 6800LE. They don't warn you on the box or in the documentation (if you receive any) about a recommended powersupply, but if you go to their website,,you will see that they actually recommend atleast 350Watt for this product. If you experience any problem related to this,,,change your power supply to atleast 400watt. Who would have thought that this could affect 3D graphics?
    The card is still running at 67 degrees after 2 hours of Half Life 2, so it's not an overheating problem. The reason for the card giving problems after 3 months is, during the 3 months before the problem started I bought a modem / tv capture card / 4 case fans and neon base lights. That's the reason for insufficient power from the PSU all of the sudden. Please stop believing that the bios settings are incorrect and that the manufacturer sold you a crappy card because they wanna make money off something that is broken, aswell as to only buy the new version of the card because the old version of the 6800LE is the sinner, also please ignore rumours about the memory clock set too high and that if you set the memory clock slower (from 700 - 600MHZ) that it will resolve your problems, because it wont. Please ignore all perceptions about Riva tuner changing your bios settings, because it is utterly nonsence, any changes can be reversed because it's a software tuning tool, or simply uninstall Riva Tuner. You can't damage your card by opening any pixel pipes or vertex shadings because i've tried it. There was also an incident in a different forum where a guy had exactly the same problem as the rest of the 6800LE owners and he also replaced his power supply to solve the issue, the was using a 6800GT. There are so many rumours out there but no physical solution to the problem.,, so here you go.
    Swear at me if you please.....
  9. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    Did you install the motherboard chipset drivers if you did not you will have this problem. Also do you have the molex connector connected to the card ? And does your power supply have enough watts to supply this new card?? min. specs are 350W true .. The crash sounds like it does not have enough power when you place it under the full graphics load .

    In closing power supply is very important and you need a good one for the newer cards one that has at leats 70% effiecenty ...
  10. sirking

    sirking TS Rookie

  11. tbrunt3

    tbrunt3 TS Rookie Posts: 313

    Well humm Personally Grainward is the top Nivida card makers .. If there is a problem they should have a fix ..Most of the problems I see is becuse the power supply is to small or they have a generic power supply rated at 450 watts that is only 50% efficent wich not even come close to run that card.. ALso have you tried Coolbits the new one???or the nvtweak they are both the best..
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