A7N8X-E-Deluxe Audio Problems

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I have Windows XP Home and the above m/b with 2800+ and one stick of Samsung cheapo 512 ram, ATI 9600XT video, LG DVD-Ram drive, 2x WD 80gb HDD.

I can't seem to get the front speakers to work and I can't seem to get Windows sounds to work.

I have installed all the drivers Nvidia, Asus Nvidia "All In" drivers. I've tried older drivers, newer drivers, Realtek drivers, NVswitch, everything that I have seen on many, many forums about this issue and nothing seems to work.

I have gotten the sound to work if I plug my speakers into the rear or center channel plugs. But have yet to get the sound to come out of the blue or green plugs that are supposed to be the front speakers. And I have never heard the windows start-up or shutdown sounds. UGH!

I really need some help here.


Could you be a bit more specific.

I would rather not have to wade through thousands of post to find a fix...

could you link directly to the post with the fix in it.

Help worked!

Thanks Vegas,
Went to other forum and searched for sound issues and found a post that solved my problem.

For anybody else with this problem:

My case has front panel audio and I had removed the jumpers on the f/p audio conectors that are on the motherboard. I had tried to connect the f/p audio cables for my case to the motherboard and didn't get them into the right spots to make the connection that the jumpers had been making. Hence the front speaker problems. Once I got the case f/p audio cables on the right connections everything worked fine.

Thanks again for the quick reply.

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