A7S8X Asus motherboard - Powers down 1-5 seconds after startup

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Nov 20, 2005
  1. Asus A7S8X Motherboard - I had purchased this board from tigerdirect. The setup was easy the first time... But I made a stupid mistake and forgot to find my win XP OS cd. No biggie =). I put my old system together. Powered by a rock solid PSU. Mind you I had the same problems when I first did it. But it seems like my second time around I have tried everything and I get nothing. Originally I got bios and everything was well. It was a rock solid board. Im speaking to you with the original computer so I know the component used in the upgrade are good parts. PSU is AWESOME 400 watts. So I know im not overtaxing the new system. I have taken the motherboard out of the case on a non-static piece. This still does the same thing. Can anyone elighten me on what else could be causing these problems. Im not stupid I have been building computers for awhile now and this has just stumped the crap outa me because the board did have simialiar probs the first time then I got it to work!

    Shed some light on a stumped computer enthusiasts. :D

    I have tried alot of things
    *sugested by other members with the same problem but none seems to apply to me*
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    As my intention with this thread is to help myself as well as others. I have been pondering some things that could do with the power problems many could face with motherboards. The following things could help others however has eighther not solved my problem or I will probably never know.


    1: The capacitors have been torn off the board causing unregulated power running thorugh your board ( Can cause a wide array of problems even not powering up at all )

    2: PSU has gone bad and need to be tested to ensure the problem. A good PSU can cost 50$ more then you need to spend if you just test it! Dont jump to conclusions about the PSU is my advice!

    3: Your PSU is not powerful enough to run the motherboard and all its periphrials.

    * 300-400 watts is good enough for most mid-end gaming machine!

    4: Read your instructions well and always be sure you have your power switch hooked up correctly!

    5: I have not proven this myself but I hear some boards dont like to run inless the CPU fan is hooked to the motherboard!

    Thats my input I would give on somone with the same problems. However this doesnt hold 100% true to my situation!
  3. carenza

    carenza TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To clarify the situation this board did do this to me the first time before it worked! I did somthing and it stayed on and worked great!
  4. carenza

    carenza TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Fixed *cheers*

    Fixed the problem. CPU heatsink was not mounted correctly! Fixed!

    Even tho I got NO replys

    For all you AMD-Athalon XP users make sure its in good or you will get the same problems I did.... I have seen way to much of the same problem all over the boards on the internet. If you do somthing retarded like me and put the CPU fan in wrong way. Then lol you get this

    Hopefully with this you will give your PSU another chance with the same problem. From my experience with building computers I have had a wide variety of problems and have yet to jump right to it as a PSU problem and I have fixed pretty much all of them. So if you have the resources to test and dont jump to conclusions! :knock:
  5. howard_hopkinso

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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    I`m glad you solved your problem.

    Sorry no-one replied to you earlier.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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