ABIT AN8-SLI key help.

By HIM_Valo
Sep 13, 2005
  1. On the Abit Fata1ity AN8-SLI board there is this stupid lil key you have to insert to determine if your using SLI mode or Single Mode, and I cant for the life of me get this damn thing in there. Can anyone help me out on this one? thxs.

    I take it no one has this motherboard, every review and site i look at shows it in, but they dont tell you how they got it in there. I try over and over and i just cant seem to get it in there, Im trying not to force it because I dont want to break it. That would render the $770 i spent on 2 Geforce 6800GT's useless. If anyone has any idea or knows please tell. Im getting ready to send it back to get a ASUS SLI Premium, if i cant figure this out. :mad:
  2. Eagle

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    I have the same mobo. The first time I tried to put in that little board I also battled. After a while I found that you have to put it in at an angle and then push it slightly down. There is two little metal pieces at both ends that have to be over the board to hold it in place. It can be pushed to the side to put it in. Just make sure that it is holding it down after you put it in place. Hope this helps. It is a very good mobo.
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