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What i am intersted of knowing is I am assembling a computer with mother board BIOSTAR P4800 M7-A,It contains an integrated VIA uniChrome Graphic card but the graphic card provides only 64 bit environment,As i prefer 128 bit environment i decided to buy an video card.The mother board is provided with an AGP 8x slot but i am in a dilama that if at all i install video card what will be the status 1) Will the Video card works?
2) will the 64 bit combins with the installed 128 bit video card and give 192 bit or else?
3) What would be the outlet? VC? OR outlet from the integrated VC?

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Remember you have to connect the monitor to the graphics card with a cable. So you will get graphic output from whichever connector you choose to use. In your case you'll choose the AGP graphics card.

It is possible to get output from both the AGP card and onboard graphics but ordinarily you don't need this. You should disable the onboard graphics in the BIOS because as long as the onboard graphics is active, it "steals" RAM from the system unnecessarily.
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