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By Bobes
Feb 9, 2002
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  1. I enjoy the new features that vBulletin has, but I miss "today's active topics" (which both Jawbreaker and the old UBB used to have), and the menu bar along the side which gave easy access to all forums. Are these mods available for vB Julio?
  2. ss1

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  3. Julio Franco

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    I will have to look around, actually the sidebar thingy that let you browse through forums in Jawbreaker is now available in vB in the form of a drop down menu located in the left bottom of all forum pages.

    I also miss the Today's Active topics link... however vB has an even more interesting feature that displays only the updated threads since your last visit, then again, if I get to found a hack that gives the option for one thing or the other, I will put it up.

    Here's the most complete vB hacks database I have been able to find so far, if you (all members) can give it a look and see what would be interesting to add, let me know in this thread...

  4. Ai Hate

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    we won't need this RPG hack, but it sure does look fun :D

    ps. have you thought about the new ranking systems yet?

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