AC97 Problems

By Baldfist
Nov 23, 2004
  1. I have searched all over the net and found a few people have the same problem as I have but I cannot find a fix.

    I hav an EPOX 4SGM8I motherboard with a P4 3Gig. It has an onboard AC97 soundcard. The Bios is the latest version. Running XP home SP2.

    The sound is enabled in Bios and I have installed th latest AC97 drivers (wdm_a365). All the drivers install fine. However i have no sound. The card is "working properly" in device manager and in the sound manager utility it even detects my jack plug connections so i know that XP is detecting it. All volume controls are full but not a single peep. Anybody got any ideas????

  2. Masque

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    The driver I'm seeing from their global site (for some reason couldn't get any files from their USA site) is "Realtek_Audio drv_V3[1]". Have you tried using a set of headphones into the jacks to see if that works? Do you have both front and rear jacks on your machine connected and, if so, are both sets enabled? I had a similiar issue with my Asus board until I finally got it narrowed down to issues since.
  3. Baldfist

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    Got them drivers installed and tried with headphones in all sockets. Everything is enabled and sound manager detects the jack plugs when i swap them. I have a feeling that my motherboard chipset drivers could be the problem not the ac97 ones. I have downlaoded latest chipset drivers but when I run them I get an error message saying that the system cannot find the specified device..

    Ill keep plodding on

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