Access denied! Trojan/Malware

By Laztug
Jun 1, 2009
  1. For about a month now my comp has not been the same.
    I got this nasty trojan that locked my administrator account.
    When Windows would start and it would ask me to select an account i would click my administrator account and as soon as windows was i about to start it would shut down and send me back to the account selection screen. I tried a system revert and nothing. I did a system restore and the comp started like new but I noticed I had no memory.
    SO when i open up The documents and settings folder.......i see my administrator account! but when i would click to open it.......i would get an access denied error. I posted up on forums and this guy told me to try this.

    Kickass it worked!
    i could now get in my administrator account!
    But i still could not get any files (songs, folders, documents) to work!
    When I would click on the (song, folder,document) I get an access denied error.

    any idea on how i could gain access to these files?!
    I have tried
    avast antivirus
    Avira AntiVir antivurus
    and all turned up with nothing:dead:
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