Ace your CompTIA IT certification exams: Save 98% on this training bundle

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If you're an IT professional or strive to be one, you'll need the right certifications to get ahead. CompTIA's industry standard certifications are a good place to start, but can be daunting tests if you're not adequately prepared. Right now, you can save big on 42 hours of elite CompTIA certification training -- just $59 in the TechSpot Store.

CompTIA is the industry-standard certification that IT hiring managers use to pick their talent. Your instruction will take you through all the concepts you’ll need to master to pass the foundational CompTIA A+ exam, the bassline certification any entry-level IT pro needs. From there, you’ll have the vendor-neutral skills training to attack next-level specialties as you pass the Network+, Security+, Cloud Essentials, and Cloud+ exams.

Now’s the time to dive in on the CompTIA-IT Certification Career Advancement Bundle, which usually costs more than $4,000. But at 98% off -- just $56 -- it's a great opportunity to move forward in your career.

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Wow, what a great deal! It was $4,000 but now you can have it for just 56 bucks! Amazing. This reminds me of the crap Sears used to pull. They would increase their prices first and then announce a sale to make it look like you were saving more than you actually wear. Why don't they just say the original price was $50,000 and now you can get it for $50! That would look even more amazing.