Acer 3500 doesn't turn on!

By funnyman
Jul 26, 2007
  1. Hello,

    My Acer suddenly stopped working. It was working just fine yesterday and I also recently bought a new battery for it (about a month ago), but today it just won't turn on. Is my battery damaged? What's wrong?
  2. Dhope

    Dhope TS Rookie

    We might need alittle more info than that. If you can get your hands on a multimeter, take that and test your a/c adapter to make sure it is putting out the proper amount of voltage. If it is, trying removing your battery and turning on the laptop with just the a/c adapter plugged in to it. Also try a different power outlet to plug into. Let us know more detail on anything else that could have possibly happened before.

    Also, if all else fails, how old is the laptop? If it is within one year, I know the manufacturer will cover any failing parts (other than the a/c adapter and battery). You can either contact Acer yourself, or bring the laptop to a major retailer, and with proof of purchase (a receipt) they will send it to the manufacturer for you.

    - Daniel
  3. flo77is

    flo77is TS Rookie

    I had similar problem with my Acer Aspire 3690

    First I thought it was a problem with RAM, processor or even motherboard.

    But, I found a solution and it was none of above causing the problem.

    The problem was with small plastic thing that is pushed in when you close notebook.

    In fact it was stuck, and always when I pressed power button only HDD led was flashing for a moment and fan started to work for few seconds, after that it stopped and there was nothing on the screen.

    Now, I am really lucky that it was only that small plastic thing causing the problem.
    Hope in your case is same problem. Otherwise you should be thinking about repairing a part of your notebook that could cause the problem.

  4. flo77is

    flo77is TS Rookie

    Also, a faulty LAN could be a reason for not booting.
    You could try pressing shortly on power on button few times rapidly, during that light on LAN will blink. After that normally press on power button and laptop should start, but the problem isn't solved.
    If you don't fix LAN it may cause some other troubles, ex. mouse will stop responding.
    I think that same could happen with any faulty device like PCI flash memory, PCMCIA slot, USB, etc.
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