Acer delays Windows RT offerings, fears Surface


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Shelving what it described as an "aggressive" product schedule, Acer is delaying the launch of its Windows RT offerings until Q2 of 2013. This news comes for Acer President Jim Wong who cites Microsoft's Surface tablet as the reason, in...

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Because of poor quality, acer will be releasing SUBSURFACE next year.

if third-party manufacturers are good enought to release real ipad killers rather than making dubious claims, surface rt and surface pro will not have surfaced.


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ACER netbooks, laptops, desktops are very good. Tablet another story. Give them a couple of units to be built first until they get it right. Like the first Android Tablet wasn't that great. Taken them a few of them to get that working right. MS Surface will be the tablet I'll be using. I was using Skytex Skytab with Windows 7 then Windows 8 Preview. The only drawback is the limited RAM onboard is only 2GB that's the max because of the Atom Dual Core 64-bit used also has 320GB HDD. Other than that the system is pretty quick running Windows 7 Ulimitate 64-bit. Windows 8 was snappy..


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If the Windows licensing fee is a noticeable advantage for Microsoft, then Microsoft should license it to OEMs for free (at least the RT version), considering MS will be making profit from the Windows Store app sales anyway...


It seems to me that the garbage companies such as HP and Acer pump out are one the biggest reasons why apple does so well . . .


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That is a very idea IMO, one which IF MS does it, will probably help it in achieving its long term goals.

On Acer, their products always seems to have that 'cheap' feel to them, but that is my personal opinion.