Acer Desktop PC - Need Help analyzing minidump

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Dec 1, 2009
  1. Any help analyzing the following minidump is appreciated.

    I am attaching the minidump. Thanks in advanced for all assistance!

    If this is any help, sacm2k referenced in the minidump is associated with a scientificatlanta webstar cable modem
  2. kimsland

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    You seem to have cutoff the Windows version and service pack installed?
    Ideally we prefer you attach the Minidump itself, especially since your symbols are wrong

    Anyway, it won't matter as the file Sacm2K.sys (as you stated) was mentioned
    Are you running your Modem via USB connection? If so, you are advised to connect it via Ethernet cable, and uninstall all USB drivers associated with it (Ethernet will not need 3rd party drivers)

    ATTENTIVE TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks-System is Windows XP 32bit sp3-This is after a downgrade from Vista 32bit sp1

    I cannot get the PC to recognize the cable modem ethernet driver, nor can I get the cable modem to work with the PC ethernet driver, even after switching ethernet cards. Do you recommend I return the cable modem for replacement? I've never posted in these forums before, and apologize if I am not including all info needed. Thanks for working with me.

    Posting a second time just in case some info was left off:

    The included minidump is posted just as it was displayed in Windows Debugging Tools
  4. kimsland

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    Well you can Attach files without issue, that's a plus ;)

    To Attach Minidumps
    • Start > Run > C:\WINDOWS\Minidump > ok
    • Locate any Minidumps to Zip up, or if only one (Mini120109-01.dmp) proceed to next step
    • On a New Reply select the Attachment button > [​IMG]
    • Browse to C:\WINDOWS\Minidump folder
    • Select the Zip file (or single DMP file) to Attach
    By the way, I don't need it ;)

    Now what's this issue about not being able to use Ethernet?

    ATTENTIVE TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Scratch that last post about ehternet installation error :)

    Thanks again. I'll run the pc pretty heavy with multiple activity at once and see if I can replicate the bsod. I'll review it for different info than the previously provided minidump. I'll post it following my review. Also the pc came with a dvd multi recorder LG model gsa-h60n. I kept noticing i/o errors upon pc startup whether it be windows or linux, and being as i installed fromthat drive, I replaced it with an older dvd multirecorder from an emachines W2785. The i/o errors are gone. I suspected it may have been contributing to previous bsod's. I am uncertain though, since it did happen after replacement. I have fixed my issue with the ethernet. Now it's up to time and fate to see what's next.

    Overlook grammatical errors as I am tired.
  6. kimsland

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    Hmm, that's good :)

    Ok, I don't need to mention anything now :(
    Try Free Avira Antivirus when using Windows, as your only Antivirus installed :D

    ATTENTIVE TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Mispost...My aplogies...Please remove this post
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