Acer shows a ton of new and updated systems at CeBIT

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Acer arrived at CeBIT well prepared, revealing a slew of notebook and desktop refreshes along with few brand new systems. The company has outfitted a range of laptops with Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors, including the Aspire 8942 and 5942, as well as the TravelMate 6594, 7740, 5740, and 8x72.

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all is well, this must be happen coz we need it.....this is beneficial for customer like us. now we are on the way of super computer. in 10 years we can purchase super computers.

keep it up guys....


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wow, i hope to see more laptop models with 8 hours or more of solid battery life even while in gaming/3g mode...


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They really are serious about knocking dell out of the top spot.
It's going to be hard though. Dell has a really solid foot in the market with good customer service, great price and well build systems, be it laptops or desktops.

I still find Acer less reliable than Dell. I have no idea if that has changed throughout the years, but it's still the image I have of them.


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Generally Dell seems to be built with better materials/quality then ACER or even HP. ACER in particular feels bit more plasticky then I would like. Once, I advised a friend of mine to buy ACER notebook, the specs/price seemed very attractive, however, its touchpad and keyboard died as soon as its warranty expired ..... that will my last suggestion to any one to consider buying ACER for a long while.


Acer is a bad choice. I've bought or assembled a lot of desktop PCs and bought a couple of laptops (1 Acer & 1 Toshiba) already. I didn't have any problems with the desktops and Toshiba laptop. My Acer 2960Z's motherboard gave up before one year has elapsed and, worse, they didn't have an International Warranty, which I thought they had. They do have the so-called International Traveler's Warranty that protects travelers but not expatriates like myself. I'll never buy an Acer again.


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I had few problems with Acer Travelmate series, but overall I think they are pushing forward and making a big move with this huge improvment and system specifications. I think Acer know that they need to work little bit more to catch up with Dell.


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These system are nice, sure kicks some *** compared to some of the desktops I've seen running Intel's new chips. Its also nice to see some new stuff from acer I love there systems they're unique in there own way, not only that they're releasing different models for different kinds of people business users, gamers, & and enthusiast. Now I just need to know the prices.


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Acer has been building some really cool machines as of late. Doesn't hurt that their pricing is incredible too


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For a second there I though Acer was coming out with liquid cooled LAPTOP because 2/3 of the news were on laptops. Anyways I hope the quality of the DC jacks are improved since they break a lot on older models VERY easily. Where's the REAL gaming laptops from Acer?


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It seems like acer has better stuff to choose from at a lower price, but dells name is just too big..especially in buisiness's


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DELL is a big name, but people should not look the name. If you are going to by a DELL laptop, it's not the name "DELL" where you will write your documents, watch movies, or browse the internet. It's the actual machine. And we know that Acer is dong a good job on that...good stuff, at affordable price


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The Aspire 8942 and 5942 with their combination of attractive price points, exceptional features and exceptional processor/storage combos will accelerate the moves towards desktop replacements for the home AND laptop replacement by smaller, more portabile "mobile" devices.


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this is good competition for dell... and good for computer geeks too. i can't wait to see what other companioes will try to do to better one another.

i've been using acer products for years and have no problems with them. very solid computers at good prices


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Like this Acer would be causing serious competition for Dell..Quality products and lot's of them..


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Acer has come along way. As I said in a previous post - they have been around since HP,Gateway and when Dell was just getting onto the market. i used to consider them cheap but they do create some solid products.


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Yeah, there is a marketing strategy behind it. Acer aims to become the world leader. Create products is not so difficult, but manage them is real hard. We'll see.


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I have the same issue with Acer - my relatively recent experience of the brand (i.e. desktops and laptops in the last 2 years) has not been good. Proprietrary RAM, poor service, breakdowns..


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Acer has really good prices....but nothing more.
I know a lot of laptops that had problems.
When ever people ask me what laptop to buy, I always tell them "anything but Acer or Myria".
I don't think I will change that in the next few years.


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This is getting serious....Acer is building a huge empire and are on the selling spree.They are making quality products and their after sales service is commendable...All of the new models are attractive...


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Acer is one of the best companies in INDIA already!
and with the showcase of more products at CeBIT i think they are planning to leave behind HP and DELL!
but i think they need to concentrate more on making laptops for budget minded people!
one of their major drawbacks is that they dont include GPU's in their budget laptops while HP and DELL does! thats where ACER is lacking acoording to me! otherwise everything's fine with them!
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