Acer travelmate locking up

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Hi All.

I have owned a Travelmate 290 for 3 years. I have not had any trouble with it in that time until now. The lap top will run for a time then the screen will start to flicker, the touchpad will become erratic and the HDD light will come on. Sometimes after a few minutes the laptop will return to normal, sometimes it will lock up with the HDD light on and the power light off (The laptop lives mainly on the mains but these symptoms also occur when it is on battery power). The only way to get out of this situation is to unplug the power supply and remove the battery. I have scanned the laptop for viruses and spyware. None were found.

Anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in Advance



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3 suggestions:

1) Monitor your CPU/MB/HDD temperatures. It could be overheating.
2) Check the Event Viewer in Windows
3) Get Process Explorer. See what is taking up your CPU during the problem.

Process Explorer is free:

Speed Fan is free (temp monitoring):

Come back and post any significant warnings in Event Viewer, what is using all your CPU (if anything) during the issue, and your temperatures.
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