Acer's dual-screen Iconia notebook hits Amazon for $1,200


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Customers in the US and Canada can now preorder the dual-screen Acer Iconia-6120 "touchbook" for $1,200 through Amazon. Although the system resembles your typical notebook when closed, it forgoes a hardware keyboard in favor of a second 14-inch 1366x768 Gorilla Glass display.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that practicality wasn't a big concern when designing this. It is very cool though!


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Seems practical. Everything is going to touch screens... I think I may like a non-mechanical keyboard, actually.


I have a tabletpc and Windows7 has very good touch and pen support. handwriting recognition is excelent. I think this makes a lot of sense. On my tablet, when I bring up the virtual keyboard (Windows built-in), my only problem is that I run out space. haveing a separte screen area for that is handy.


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Looks like a fun toy. Not practical under good use, just like a puppy, will get you attention in the park or at a cafe.

Too bad it has a very short baterry life. Probably should have used the new AMD E-350. And it would have been cool to get a Touch OS Dual booted on the device. I hope they keep trying this kind of device. Would have been nice if it split in two and you can use the secondary touch display as a tablet...


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Not surprising that the battery life isn't great... I remember studies showing that power draw from the screen can account for something like up to 25% of a typical laptop's battery drain, depending on the brightness levels. So, double that drain with a dual screen setup like this, and it's not hard to imagine the batteries being taxed hard.


So... The main drawback of a tablet (lousy text input) without the main perk (entertainment with a long battery life).

Want a touch screen-like input, buy a mac (or just the trackpad). You get the pinch to zoom, 2 finger rotate, hand gestures, tap to click, etc... and a keyboard.

The two screens are useless since your hands will be covering one of them most of the time....


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This means that in a short while there will be standalone input tablets like this one that I can plug into my desktop PC. That's one piece of hardware that I'm really excited about.


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It has enough power to do average gaming, music, video streaming, and whatever. So even for geeks like me it is a fun computer. Not a power house at all. But plenty to toss around. However not totally practical for real gaming like WOW or Aion. idk about other gamers, but when I game i don't look at the keyboard, I feel it. Touch screen means you cant feel. Could be annoying haha. I would buy this computer for pure awe and coolness for not for heavy gaming.

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