Activision apocalypse: Sony forecasts $1.5 billion loss by 2027 after Microsoft merger

The only vocality was Sony and ignorant politicians with no understanding how the game industry works.
And Sony fans.

Sony has a lesser hardware platform
A lesser gaming service
And an extensive history of censorship.

Sony’s only risk is that gamers will have access to more titles on more platforms with less delay and less censorship.
They caused their own issues here.
Say what you want about MS..... I always had xbox (gears of war) years ago.... and stayed with it up to elite.. but I can play my xbox games I bought on xbox , on my PC (some). including gears 5....

Sony really is losing here in terms of features.
Multiplayer is where gaming is at and SONY franchise was too focused on simp gaming...
Only partly. There’s still a huge market for offline solo and multi play, including myself. Sony may have fewer first party online options but by and large the experience online is similar for cross platform titles.
I actually think the online idea has hurt the gaming market as seen on both steam and Sony, and lesser on Switch and Xbox, games are released incomplete and upsell the finished project later.
Even shareware gave you the whole game on the second payment. Today it could cost hundreds of dollars just to piece together the base game.

Oh, and I don’t want to log in online to play a solo game every time. Why did I download 80GB onto my system if the game is still online?