Activision wants to sell you game cutscenes for $20 to $30

By Matthew ยท 40 replies
Sep 16, 2010
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  1. Alright, this is actually a serious question: Is this article a joke? I'm being serious here, please tell me it is.
  2. mattfrompa

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  3. MrAnderson

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    20-30 bucks with 5 years of inflation maybe. But what is he thinking? Maybe someone missunderstood him. Maybe they can make new footage to bring the cutscenes togther as a full movie and charge DVD prices for a release with extras... maybe I would pay for that... maybe.
  4. HaMsTeYr

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    I fail to see whats stopping me from firing up fraps and recording the cutscenes myself. Thats already what i do anyway, for cutscenes that i like. Others are just... skippable.

    Still, its a joke right? I mean people CAN'T seriously be considering this with full intent... right? I hope its like a new april fools in september i know naught of.
  5. Richy2k9

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    hello ...

    i don't welcome this idea, i'm not a kid & can afford my entertainment & i'm a really big fan of Blizzard minus the Activision part.

    this idea could work ONLY if people would buy it (the idea i mean here)... if they plan to add more content & make it a whole movie, then we will have rare games based movies that are really great for once, yet if we already purchase a game with same or 'almost' same content, it will be hard to put some more money in it & even for more than normal DVD/Blu-ray price.

    I would consider VOD services, will cost less to produce & give even those who doesn't own the game the possibility to have a go, while i meet most of those who said would be great 'free' addon to those who paid the games (pre-order bonus - why not!) ...

    but in the end, whether Mr Sir Senior kotick is right or wrong, it will depend on the us, the customers to show this when such products are released, if you don't like the idea ... just don't buy!

  6. just saw WoW: Season 1 is coming
  7. What am I missing here? Is this saying that the only way to see the in-game cutscenes is to pay for them? Or do you get the cutscenes and then buy them seperately as a movie? If it's the first situation then i see why people are mad. If it's the second, then just don't buy it, what's the big deal? Someone please clarify, i must be retarded or something.
  8. Zilpha

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    I don't know if people will bother with them. Square tried something similiar, and those actually WERE full-length movies. Granted, the writing was horrible, but it does prove that it takes more than pretty cinematics to make it in the movie industry.

    They will have issues with that price tag, especially if it's just cut scenes ripped out of games.
  9. treetops

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    Blizzard has always had top notch cinematics. I would love to see them a full 2 hour or so movie made by blizzard. but a movie made by activition or any other gaming company would be a failure.
  10. PaulWuzHere

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    Anybody remember Shenmue?

    In Japan they took all the cut scenes and made a movie out of it. Fans of the game loved it, BUT! Shenmue 2 came with the DVD...

    Good idea, horrible price point and its already been done.
  11. Part A - would someone buy cut scene movie form a game maybe, but were probably talking DRM laden download only locked to one pc... would I buy a full length 20 dvd / blue-ray, maybe.

    Part B - Theatrical release that would topple Hollywood..... HAHAHAHAHA. Game based moves tend to do poorly in theaters. Japanese Anime theatricality released do poorly, even if distributed by Disney no less. I see no way of this happening, the "gamer" has not been able to get a game related movie to be "big".

    It's simple, vote with your wallets, If you feel activision is in the wrong, boycott them don't buy or pirate there games.
  12. blizzard's development is completely independent of activision.
    and infinity ward's leaders broke off from activision a while ago.
    stop boycotting for blind reasons and get those games plox :]
  13. Emin3nce

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    Despite the fact that 95% of the "fanbase" are probably just going to pirate it anyway, kind of makes charging for it a moot point.
  14. This is a ridiculous idea. Come on you seriously think cutting the scenes out adding a little drama with music is going to be a hit? Wait.. it already has with the creative minds who POST their own little movies on YOUTUBE. Think that it would be a rip off, already bad enough that Blizzard charges $15.00 a month to up keep their servers, and yes their expensive bad ***** headquarters. Oh well, I do agree that it should be available as an in game download for the "loyal" fan to enjoy, that would be pretty sweet.

    Just a little rant from a nobody. Please enjoy!
  15. en0nym0us

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    7.2 is the same as 7.1 but with another sub woofer. There are some movies out there that are encoded in true 7.1 which can be matrixed to 7.2 easily. Even the true 5.1 audio can be matrixed to 7.2 and is done very well. As for 16.2, I believe is the same as 7.1 but uses more speakers to fill the area. That's what movie theaters and imax theaters do. I don't think there are any titles encoded in true 16.2 audio. If there is... it would be for imax films.
  16. EDO219

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    hah ... I will never pay extra money for a video game cut scene. With that in mind, the standard version of a game will be reviewed quite harshly for not employing this feature common to even the earliest of games.

    If Activision desires poor reviews for otherwise good games, then more power to them. :3

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