Adblock Plus to allow "non-intrusive" ads by default

By Matthew ยท 31 replies
Dec 13, 2011
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  1. I would be fine with the Non-intrusive if they had listed it openly which these companies are and form my own opinion as an advanced user that set my own "corrections" to subscribed lists when updated.

    While as a website owner I do understand the need for ads to pay for webhosting where donations have not helped much or even given any aid when the yearly bill has come to collect, not that "google adsense" has yet to make me any revenue to assist in it I still remain opposed to ads that are an eye sore, create latency issues or tracks you without explicit consent (or otherwise hidden in some TOS somewhere when the common user/visitor just scrolls passed it anyhow...) though as mentioned I would rather like to know what non-intrusive advertiser(s) and ads they refer to in more specific outreach rather then just stating it so to create my own oppinion not just go by their 'promise' that they are such.

    To further why I am more inclined to know what non-intrusive they refer to is also by own interest as i have for the last few years invested in gameservers which I also costs almost double what my webhosting plan costs me a year (with domain name and all included) per month O_o and thats not even with the more attractive 64 slots servers (to reference to the 24 slots I can stretch to provide...)
    but i am a nice guy and enjoy playing and enabling play for others and i agree from that stand point that non-intrusive ads "might" be a good help for me, but I would not like it if this came at displeasure to visitors to my site in such case :(
  2. An alternate option would be to use AdFender which is also free and uses the same EasyList filters used by many Adblock Plus users.
  3. Which is not a firefox add on, is proprietary closed source software and is Windows only.

    One other solution to this problem is for someone to fork adblock plus.
  4. I tried adblock, but disabled it as I found it blocked too many ads. I only want to block ads with sound/pop-ups/expanders.
  5. Dimpl

    Dimpl TS Rookie

    Yes please! Prompt me to allow ads on the sites I like.
  6. captaincranky

    captaincranky TechSpot Addict Posts: 13,000   +2,529

    So, given the new protocols, wouldn't it make sense to change the program's name?

    I'm casting my vote for, "Ad-Mit", ("Plus" or otherwise).
  7. learninmypc

    learninmypc TS Evangelist Posts: 7,671   +413

    I'm so used to Adblock plus, any website looks cluttered when adblock is disabled. Sorry, I'll continue "not" allowing ads.

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