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Add Remove Programs Won't Populate

By Coily
Jan 3, 2006
  1. black :hotbounce Hi From Canada.....Didn't quite get where I can post so I'm going to put it here for now. To anyone who's add and remove programs won't populate........You're probably on a torrent site and use a separate disk for down and uploading......Chances are its a hardware problem . Try saving the stuff on the disk and reformatting the storage disk. Then put it back on . Notice that if a certaing file hangs or won't respond when you go to save it somewhere else its probably the file or folder thats causing the problem in the first place. Just go on to the next file that will move with no problem. When you have moved all files that you can just disregard the ones that are "Stuck". Right-Click on "My Computer" hit "Manage" choose "Disk Management" on the left and right-click on the drive in question on the right and choose "Delete Partition". Once this is done right-click on the drive again and choose New Partition and follow the instructions. I usually choose "Quick Format". When done go to add and remove programs and see if it will populate. Conclusion............It seems when there is a file stuck somewhere that you can't access no matter what, it affects the control panel. At least this is what I think and it worked for me..........Hope this info is useful and have a nice day!
  2. No1Moran

    No1Moran TS Rookie

    This will cocnstitute my first posting. If in fact that is what I am doing. This is the first Forum I have joined, so it is still not clear how everything works.

    I am retired from the Federal Governent, paly golf, enjoy yard work and frequent the local casinos.

    I have 7 computer which are networked. I utilize Remote Desktop. I have encounted a problem that I can not figure out.

    The Add or Remove Porgrams on one of my computers will not Populate. The OS is XP Pro, and runs at 633MHz. I am fairly knowledgable about Desktop Computer in the area of operations and maintenace. I can usually figure problems out, but this one has be stumped.

    The one fix I have tried was: RUN: regsve32 appwiz.cpl From all indications, this reinstalled satisfactorily, but did not fix the problem. Don't know what to try next. I am not proficient in making changes in the Registry, but wih detailed instructions, I can usuall make changes. Any one have a clue what to try next?


    Change: RUN: regsvr32 appwiz.cpl
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