Adding an old IDE drive into a comp with a new SATA

By Notlad
Feb 7, 2006
  1. Hi, recently I put together a new computer and I am using a Western Digital Raptor SATA as the primary drive. I am trying to add my old IDE drive in to transfer the data. So my questions are, can I add an IDE to a computer using an SATA? If I can, do I raid them? and finally, what is the best way to transfer programs from drive to drive?
  2. Mirob

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    Some new Intel soulth bridges only have one IDE that can connect two drives. If you have one of those, you my need to connect to one of the optical drives cables.

    You can't RAID them.

    Just connect it and it should be in My Computer.
  3. sifugreg

    sifugreg TS Rookie

    Hmm.. Not quite sure what your situation is but any IDE drives I have I stuff into an external USB 2.0 enclosure. You may be able to Mirror them if they are the same size, otherwise you'll have to create a partition to match etc. For most home users, a good folder synchronizer is a great option instead of a full blown RAID. There is a good free one with XP Power Toys
    Look for Sync Toy.
  4. N3051M

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    first, it is possible to use both IDE and SATA drives on one machine, but it depends on your mobo and bios, as some people have difficulty with that part of the equasion. The setting in bios should say something on the lines of Enable both SATA and IDE or something similar.. it'll say in your manual howto. After that bits taken care off its just a matter of pluging in sata0 to your sata drive and ide1 to your IDE drive etc and power 'em

    Raid between the two is impossible (at a simple level), it will be just C:/ then D:/ or whatever and be just anohter storage device BUT since teh world of tech changes every minute someone would probably know a way to do so.. which may be abit complexing...
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