adding p ata hard drive to s ata system

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Sep 15, 2006
  1. Hi There! I Recently Bought A New Pc That Has S Ata Hard Drive. I Want To Add My Old Hard Drive So First I Bought A Ultra Ata/ide Host Controller And Installed All The Drivers And Utilities I Could Find On The Cd, Hooked Up As I Thought It Should Be And I Could Not Boot Up, Got An Error Message. I Decided To Just Get The Dongle Board Adapter To Put On The Back Of My Old Hard Drive And Hook It In A Sata Connection, 4 Connections That I Can See But Motherboard Says There Are Only 2 With 2 Supporting Ports. I Figured It Would Then Show Up Beside My C Drive In My Computer But Nothing. Is There Some Setting I Have To Do With Raid? Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated! Thanks!! Gary
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    This has been discussed several times here on techspot.
    Generally it is not recommended to use PATA with SATA. Windows XP defaults to PATA during errors or crashes. Although it can work and most of the time will, using mixed systems is not recommended. Use one or the other.
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    adding p ata hard drive to s ata system reply

    If I Didn,t Have All My Information Stored On The Old Hard Drive I Would Take Your Advice, But I Have Too Much On There And No Desire To Move It To Another Hard Drive. It Is A Fairly New 80 Gb Drive. So How Would You Suggest I Try To Make It Work? The Adapter Should Switch The Older Hard Drive To Receive Sata Specs, So It Should Work Reasonably Well?
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    Windows probably didn't boot because the BIOS needs to be set appropriately. It may be configured to boot from an add-on controller first, before booting from the onboard controller. Just a hunch.

    Since you've used the IDE > SATA adapter, it sounds like you've indirectly told us that you can boot into Windows again. BUT, you cannot see your drive in explorer like you would any other hard drive. Have you checked out disk management? Start > Run > diskmgmt.msc

    Does your drive show up there?

    If it doesn't, some SATA adapters require power to both the adapter AND the drive. Check to make sure you have both the drive and the adapter itself plugged in. Here's an example of one that requires power to both the drive and the adapter:

    Other than that, there's not much else that can go wrong. IDE > SATA adapters have always worked fine in the past for me, although I imagine it is possible that under some bizarre circumstances they don't work. :)
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    All That Shows Up There Is C Drive And Hp Recovery Drive D. I Have All Power To Adapter And To The Hard Drive Connected. There Are 4 Sata Connectors, If You Were Looking Straight At Them The Current Sata Drive Is Hooked Into The Top Left One. At First I Hooked The Adapter To The Connector Right Below It And When I Went To Reboot I Got An Error Message Like It Didn't Know What It Was Booting From, I Moved The Sata Line To The Other 2 And No Sign Of Life Anywhere. I Am Good With The Older Systems But This New Sata I Am Lost With, Lol.
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    Top Right One, Sorry
  7. gary_lan_megan

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    Bottom right one, sorry!
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