Adobe Creative Suite becomes subscription-only, kills Fireworks

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May 6, 2013
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  1. I'm absolutely disgusted by what's going on as much as you, but let's be clear about one thing: even in the good ol' days, you didn't own jack. Ownership has always resided with the company, you were (and are) only licensed to use the product.
  2. Puiu

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    it's not always online you know? :p
  3. Puiu

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    they did say that they will keep selling the current version with bugs and OS updates. what do you want more?
  4. eSolutionsGirl

    eSolutionsGirl TS Rookie

    What about the Adobe users who do not have internet access? Granted, there probably aren't a lot of those, but has Adobe created a way for these folks to remain Adobe customers?
  5. Ranger12

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    I admire your desire to change what's going on. However, jumping immediately to legislation is a very bad idea. Eventually the government will be (if not already) the bad guy and there will be no passing legislation to magically fix it.
    We have the purchasing power. We vote with our dollars. If you we don't buy from Adobe their sales will go down and they'll see the light. It's the way the market works.
  6. Firworks went the way of all Macromedia Software. When Adobe bought Macromedia, Fontographer was DEAD, Fireworks and Dreamweaver survived... till now.
  7. nazartp

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    I'll keep my CS5 license as long as it supports my needs, otherwise good bye Adobe CS. Lightroom will serve me to a certain extent, for work with layers hello Gimp.

    I really do not see any benefit of subscription for any group of users. If I'm a relatively casual user, I.e., Elements is not enough, but I do not use PS every day, there is really no benefit in using subscription model. Each suite has quite a learning curve and I will not be willing to subscribe for a month to spend half of it relearning things and then editing a couple of projects. If I'm a pro, I'd like to have ability to have access to my prior work even if I moved on to other applications. Dumb move.

    They also potentially just cut out the whole group of educational users - my son bought the CS suite with his student discount and used it for both photo and film editing. The thing is about three years old and there's still no need to upgrade. With the subscription model he would have gone with the open source software.
  8. axiomatic13

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    In general Photoshop is better than Fireworks... except for one thing. TEXT. Fireworks offered far better tools for text than Photoshop does. I hope Adobe plans to up the game Photoshop does regarding text. Sure Illustrator... but sometimes working in two tools is unwieldy for fast jobs.
  9. captaincranky

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    Photoshop Elements isn't part of the "Creative Suite", and never has been.

    So are we sure they're not going to offer that and "Premier Elements" over the counter on DVD? After all, Adobe leaves so many bugs in the Elements organizer, you have to believe they're pushing you to "Lightroom" anyway. It's a cash cow for them, and its hard core, extremist followers, hang on every new feature miscode and added bloat that Adobe can pay offshore substandard labor to pack into it....

    If you'll excuse me, I have to dash off and post an "I told you so a******s", at the Adobe forums. (Someone there told me this couldn't happen)...:p

    And BTW, those of you who are crying about the subscription cost, I'm sure Adobe will implement a payroll deduction option, so you'll never really miss the money.

    If you never see it, you never miss it, or so they say. But think about it, isn't that how all taxes work?
  10. I've starting to teach myself drawing / sketching and been on the fence as to go Corel Painter, or Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop once I get closer to the analog to digital jump... Since I like to own the software I purchase, Adobe just lost a future customer.
  11. Speak for yourself. GIMP is a joke since it can't match Photoshop when it comes to high-end retouching and manipulation. Any professional artist worth his salt will agree with me on this.
  12. NTAPRO

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    I wonder what this will do for the student software stores. Might just continue selling the latest version before it I'd guess.
  13. spydercanopus

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    Well punch my neck and call me donkey. I wonder why this isn't advertised as part of their Creative Cloud suite? It never showed up when I was searching "tablet" on their website.
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  14. Rasta211

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    I bet they are going to charge an "access fee".
  15. Wendig0

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  16. cliffordcooley

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    LOL All that rage and then at the end "Sign us up".
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  17. This must be okay for people with loads of disposable income. It's one thing to bite the bullet and buy CS but at least you buy it and are done with it and can use it for years before needing to upgrade. Now you have to pay continuously or else lose all. So no matter if you have paid thousands to Adobe, you still can lose everything if you miss a payment. Artists are typically underpaid and underemployed anyway... it wouldn't be an uncommon scenario for one to be between jobs and looking to do freelance work. This also kills it for the hobbyist who may not use CS to directly make money... I don't think many want to pay monthly for something they may or may not use and don't think they want their past work tied into it. Anyway, that's just the way I look at it as someone who is a hobbyist and small time graphic designer who barely makes any money to save let alone spend on yet another monthly bill. Also, let's not forget this also implies you have full time internet access. It's one thing to activate the software one time, but now you need monthly net access whereas before you didn't... so the price goes up to now over $100 a month. I've been thinking about a new career and a new hobby anyway.
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  18. Wendig0

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    I agree Guest. I'll be sticking to CS6 as long as I possibly can. It does everything I need for it to do (for now anyway). It will probably be a few years before I even consider making the switch. By then, who knows what Adobe will do.
  19. Duskywolf50

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    Know what? When you purchased something expensive without any disc or files is risky business. No thank to cloud cause they can take from you. I pass.
  20. It is my understanding that you will always have access to any file you have created in the subscription software - you just will not be allowed to create any NEW files or documents. You will not be locked out of your files and you can continue to use the software version you have installed on your machine. If you cancel your subscription the software will still be installed on your machine. I am going to research it a bit more.
  21. captaincranky

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    The software still requires Adobe's activation servers from time to time. I believe it's a 6 month mandatory check in. So, the software may be installed but likely will be made dormant. If you want to investigate further, by all means. Go to this Adobe forum, and see how many happy campers are over there:

    And simply because I'm the nice person I am, here's a few threads to get you started:

    on your journey to rental "Nirvana"...:oops:

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