Adobe Premiere 6.0 'offline problem

By coljon
Aug 15, 2007
  1. Adobe Premiere 6.0 ‘Offline’ problem.

    While editing some video footage a number of clips previously editing in the timeline window changed their status – unaided - to an Offline condition. This was depicted by both the video and audio tracks turning pink from the normal green. A solid red line also appeared in the work area bar as would normally be seen if the clip needed to be rendered.

    Interestingly, at the same time I noticed that the audio info in the project window appeared to show that the audio had been imported on the ‘Offline’ clips at 48000Hz, while the video clips not affected showed they had been imported at 32000 Hz. I believe that I had imported them all at the same level (32000?)

    I had been editing the video of both sets of clips without a problem up to this point.

    I am able to import the clips again onto the timeline without getting this offline condition but have of course to re-edit those clips already done.
    Any answers as to why it happened and secondly how the previous OK state can be recovered without having to start over.

    Colin Jones
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