Adobe to patch Flash Pro, Illustrator and Photoshop CS5.x following public outcry

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May 14, 2012
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  1. Adobe has backpedaled on a decision not to patch critical vulnerabilities in older editions of it signature Creative Suite package, asking users to upgrade to the new CS6 release instead,...

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  2. We finally upgraded to CS5.5 last year so it's kind of ridiculous to me that updates for it are considered "out of band." Adobe is an awful company and I hate giving them money (almost as much as they hate their customers), but the alternatives to their products are so lackluster that making the switch is really hard. I'm also not thrilled at the prospect of explaining to my users that instead of Photoshop, they'll now be using a program called "GIMP."
  3. What sort of security vulnerabilities are present? And how exactly are they exploited? I'm not gonna front, I'm using a cracked version so I'm concerned although I am planning on purchasing CS6 legit. In the meantime am I at risk somehow?
  4. nazartp

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    Not sure about Acrobat, but both Illustrator and PS suffer from remote code execution threat via poisoned TIFF files.
  5. Leeky

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    Details of the vulnerabilities are listed in the blog post, by viewing the security bulletins for each of the three applications.

    It's also worth pointing out that using cracked versions that are not fully updated can potentially put your machine at increased risk. I guess you need to weigh up that potential risk vs. the financial outlay for the genuine product.
  6. captaincranky

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    The interesting fact is, "adobeupdate.exe" runs at startup in every program they peddle.

    Updates aren't normally provided, other than perhaps updates to their "camera. raw" to enable the import of raw files from newly released cameras.

    The rest of what "adobeupdate.exe", "provides" is Adobe's "advertising messages".

    So, it's not really a "program patcher"'s ADWARE, plain and simple.

    Mercifully, I have all the Adobe programs I'll ever need. The rest of you are on your own with those holes.

    Newegg was offering Photoshop Elements 10 full edition last week for $45.00.

    I can't believe I let that get away.. Oh, who am I kidding........?

    Possibly the biggest irony of all is, Adobe's website is the slowest loading, (on average), of any major corporation I've visited. Doubly ironic when you consider Adobe is a company that specializes in media processing. Really, you visit their site, and sometimes it feels like you've gone back to dial up
  7. Marnomancer

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    True, I've noticed it too.
    Not to mention companies almost always develop a tendency to shoot themselves in the foot when their shares start rising. Did someone say Nero? ;)
    That, or you could donate some finances to the GNU/Open-source GIMP developer team so they can get working on adding your required features. If it's goodwill you want, it's goodwill you do.
  8. captaincranky

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    Don't go away. it's time to play, "What's Wrong with this Post". Now let's introduce our host, "captaincranky".....(yay).

    Well first, when our guest leads off with,, "I'm a pirate.....arrrgh" ! This usually results in a disqualification from the game. You know, it should be like they were never here, let alone getting questions answered.
    That's what they all say. I suppose we've never heard that before? And in our little game of "Jeopardy", the correct question should have been, "who gives a s***"!

    *Comments edited out by Leeky*

    Indeed! If a person's wife or girlfriend was as bloated as the latest release of "Nero", you'd need a nudge with a wrecking ball to get her fat a** through the front door.
    The one thing that thus far sets Adobe Photoshop products apart from the pack, is the "adjustment layers" feature. Every POS open source and proprietary editing product has, "layers", but not " adjustment layers". You'll just have to google that, it's a bit complex for a slow typist. I really wouldn't know where to start without adjustment layers. If that has changed, feel free to correct me on it.

    Adobe's "Photoshop Elements", has a robust editor, based in Photoshop's. The latest release (PSE 10), has a 64 bit editing section.

    90% of people can get by just fine with PSE. Photoshop allows you to work in lab color, and output in CMYK. So, if your photos are going to a printing press, Photoshop is for you.

    What really is a mystery to me, ,is why so many people go out of their way to steal a program they likely don't need, and possibly don't know how to operate anyway.

    But what really pisses me off, is they feel obligated to wander through here anonymously, and insult our intelligence anyway.

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