Advent 7073 laptop, I`m trying to fit a new hard drive.

By chris613 ยท 6 replies
Oct 27, 2006
  1. hey folks, im a beginner, i have an advent 7073 laptop,im trying to fit a new hard drive in it but its not detecting it, any help is greatfully appreciated!! as simple as possible plz
  2. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    How do you know it doesn't detect it? Does it not show up in the BIOS? Can you not install Windows? Is it a second hard drive that doesn't show up in Windows? What are the steps you are doing to get this installed?

    Provding your laptop model is good, but more information will be very helpful. :)
  3. chris613

    chris613 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    its going through the windows installation then when it begins 2 setup window it gives message saying that the hard drive has not been detected. when i go into bios it says that it has been disabled
  4. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Are you using the recovery discs that came with the computer or are you using a 'regular' Windows XP install CD? Any idea if the drive is SATA or IDE?

    The reason I ask is, assuming your drive actually works in the laptop (as it should), its possible that Windows XP needs you to press F6 at the very beginning of setup to install 3rd party SCSI/RAID drivers. But that depends on whether or not your laptop has a SATA drive interface. Some BIOSes have SATA > IDE emulation which will eliminate this step. The recovery discs that come with the laptop (if there are any) should have the SATA driver slipstreamed into the disc, making this step unnecessary as well.

    That's pretty weird. I'm assuming there's no way to enable it, like auto detect or whatever other options there may be? Oh, if the drive is SATA, it may show up elsewhere in the BIOS... Not under the IDE drives listed. So that's something to consider.

    If you have it installed and it won't detect it, there's not much else you can do. Your new drive should work straight out of the box. It could be a compatability issue between that certain model of drive and laptop (Unusual, but not rare) and it is certainly possible that your new drive has failed (not uncommon), but it should work otherwise.
  5. chris613

    chris613 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    cheers i shall give ure suggestions a try hopefully they work if not shall book it in to a repair centre
  6. chris613

    chris613 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for ure help rick, managed to get it working
  7. Rick

    Rick TechSpot Staff Posts: 4,572   +65

    Glad to hear it. :)
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