Advice needed: Choosing between tablets. Best choice?

By Mugsy
Oct 13, 2015
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  1. I'm trying to choose between two "bargain" Windows tablets. Both are roughly the same price.

    Option #1: A refurbished Toshiba Encore mini for $99
    Option #2: An "open box" Winbook 801 for $72
    Both are 1280x800 resolution.

    Advantages of the Toshiba: 10" screen (vs 8" on the Winbook). 64bit Win 8.1 (vs 32bit Win8.1 on WinBook), realtime 1.83GHz "turbo-clock" mode (vs max 1.83GHz "overclock capable"), 5MP rear camera (vs 2MP camera), 10-point multi-touch screen (vs 5-point.)

    Advantages of WinBook over Toshiba: Slightly better 3735D processor (vs 3735G with 1GB cap and lower max temp), 2GB of DDR3 (vs 1gb DDR3), IPS screen (vs WXGA), 2MP front camera (vs 1.2MP), a USB 3.0 port, up to 128GB max flash memory (vs 64GB), 1yr warranty (vs 90day).

    I'd prefer the larger screen, but all the advantages of the WinBook are hard to ignore. I prefer a "Windows" based tablet that can run my existing software than having to find Android equivalents of everything.

    Advice from anyone with personal experience would be most appreciated. Thanks.
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