Advice to new computer users


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Take a look at for your computing basics with installers that wont put any other software on.

Learn how to search online/forums/websites/windows

Learn to manage your files effectively giving them sensible names, storing them together in named directories and have some kind of cloud storage for important stuff. (Google drive, dropbox etc)

Find and bookmark a list of trusted websites that have help forums and use the search there, Almost every question you have has been answered already.

Use a password manager like Lastpass. Use an add blocker like uBlock

Don't just install every app for everything, If you can do it in your browser do so.

Turning it off and back on can often work wonders :)


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If it's a laptop be aware that despite the name they aren't meant to be used on your lap. Whenever possible use it on a flat hard surface to avoid overheating and damage through jolts. This will also avoid unnecessary build up of dirt inside. Computers do need cleaning out from time to time or they will overheat. A desktop is easy to do with a careful blow around with an air can maybe twice a year. Cleaning a laptop is tricky because it's hard to dismantle without breaking something so it's a job better left to a computer shop.
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Fight the compulsion to upgrade everything in sight. For the most part you can forget about drivers so long as everything is working fine. If you are a serious gamer you may want to keep an eye out for updates to drivers for your graphics card but otherwise leave well alone. Same too with BIOS updates. If these go wrong you are in big trouble and they are useful only if the manufacturer advises that such an update will eliminate an existing problem or enable some new feature. If it isn't broken don't try to fix it.
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Cycloid Torus

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First, Read the, twice.
Second, Google with keywords ("computer smokes", "pc fan screeches", "Windows13 won't start", etc).
Third, Check your warranty.
Fourth, Visit support at system maker's website.
Last, Post Question on Techspot Forum (list OS and model numbers for system OR motherboard & video card.)


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