Aero on or off?

By herbalfire
Oct 4, 2012
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  1. Hi im just wondering if ill see any real world difference when gaming on my laptop by disabling aero I have an i3 350m so its the HD family
  2. Dawn1113

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    I'm not sure you'll see much of a difference in terms of performance. But I suppose that would all depend on how much RAM you have installed in your laptop and what games you play.

    In any case, if you don't have much RAM, but nonetheless like the Aero eye candy -- and many people do -- you do not have to turn it off permanently. You can disable Aero on a per application basis.

    To do this:

    1. Find the launcher for the game or application. (I'm not sure, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that the shortcut will suffice. Otherwise, you have to find the .exe file.)

    2.Right click on it and choose the "Properties" option at the bottom of the menu.

    3. Next, click on the "Compatibility" tab.

    4. Find and click on "Disable Desktop Composition" (I would click on "Disable Visual Themes", too, while you're at it).

    5. Click "Apply".

    This will turn off Aero and visual effects, but only when you run the game or app you've selected. Your system retains all the fancy effects and eye candy when you're not gaming.
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  3. herbalfire

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    Thanks ill give that a try

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