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After Reformat, SB Audigy MP3+ No center speaker/sub

By UltraAyla
Mar 12, 2006
  1. I recently reformatted my computer for reasons that i won't go into here, but this is something I have done many times before. However, this is the first time I have done it while I have had a 5.1 sound configuration. Before reformatting, all my speakers fired perfectly in all applications. Now though, the center speaker doesn't fire and the subwoofer doesn't fire from its input (the center/sub cable) but only from extrapolating data from the other four channels. Essentially, I can unplug one of the three audio cables from my computer to my subwoofer and everything sounds the same.

    The sound card is a Sound Blaster Audigy MP3+ and the speakers are a Creative Inspire 5.1 system (don't remember exactly which anymore). When testing the system (where it says each speaker's name through the speaker) it all comes out just fine, and I can here the normal hissing/white noise through the center speaker when I put it up to my ear, indicating it's on and receiving signal. However, no application seems to be able to put sound through it. I noticed through some research that this may be indicative of some AC3 decoding problems, and so I tried tweaking those settings a bit to no avail. However, this may still be an open lead for someone who knows more about this area.

    Things I have tried:
    -Installing drivers only
    -Installing with only the software I want (these cards come with a boatload of crap)
    -doing a full install (I had read somewhere that playcenter may be needed in order for this to work - seems like it should work out of box though - yet, it is creative - they aren't always in line with what should be)
    -Installing a codec pack that I had installed before I reformatted and before I switched to 5.1, in case a fresh computer can't deal with 5.1 sound.
    -Various other tweaks with settings

    Any leads or information on what I may be missing now would be great. I'm starting to get into that circle where I've spent too much time debugging it and am having a hard time thinking of novel solutions. Thanks very much in advance.

  2. UltraAyla

    UltraAyla TS Rookie Topic Starter

    One thing I forgot to mention. My computer's settings are set to use 5.1 speakers and not two or four, in both windows's audio configuration, as well as the Sound Blaster Audio Configuration panel. It remains configured this way, and switching between two and 5.1 does nothing except activate the rear channels
  3. UltraAyla

    UltraAyla TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Solved! I needed to enable CMSS! For anyone who has the same problem, you can do this in playcenter. In the mini-mode, click for the expansion panel to expand, then you'll see very small "cmss" text. Click on it, and select on. Hope this helps for anyone with similar issues
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