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AGP card being recognised as PCI cards instead

By mechhead
Jul 26, 2005
  1. This is the strangest problem I have ever seen figures it would happen to me and not someone else.

    I have an NVIDIA AGP Ti4600 my system is not installing it as an AGP card though.
    My system is installing it as PCI card.

    It is an AGP card.
    It is in the AGP slot.

    Everest says that AGP is disabled on the system.

    No options appear anywhere in the BIOS (AMIBIOS) to disable AGP on the sysem that I can find although there is one to identify the primary grapics adapter this is set to AGP (options are AGP or PCI)

    This is causing a problem with DirectX games on the system which is what brought this dillema to light.

    This is the only card that has ever been on the system.
    I have wiped the system and started all over again and the problem still persists.

    This a bad card slot?
    Non-Identified Jumper?
    Bad Card?

    I am open to suggestions as the folks a MSI and Albatron (the board and vid card makers) are clueless.
  2. innovamyed

    innovamyed TS Rookie

    similar problem

    I have found a similar problem to the one you described. Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer and no-one else has posted a reply here in six months.

    My problem is related to a NVIDIA GeForce MX/MX400 AGP card in the AGP slot being reported as a PCI card.

    I have used this card for over 2 years with no problem, and I have not reconfigured my PCs hardware recently, so its decision to stop working is not entirely obvious.

    I have no problem with the output until I try using directX (ver9) for games. The PC auto reboots before the game is loaded and the screen resolution goes mental with odd coloured pixels everywhere. The PC hangs before I can hit F8. I have to reboot several times before it sorts itself out, though I have to select the display preferences from a default set to low res. Then all is great until I try loading a game. I am using the PC now with no problem, I can watch good quality mpeg video, so I guess this is due to the additional processing needed for directX graphics control (?)

    Now some facts:

    the card is reported as being placed in the PCI slot bus 1. I checked and that socket is empty. The card is correctly positioned in the AGP socket. All other PCI cards are correctly identified in their correct positions.

    In the bios (AMIBIOS) I have confirmed the AGP and 4X options were selected.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the nvidia drivers and the graphics card to no success.

    I could easily buy a cheap replacement card. However, will this solve anything?
    Is the card broken, or is the AGP socket playing up. Or is it a software issue? A virus even?

    Any ideas anyone?
  3. Mirob

    Mirob TechSpot Paladin Posts: 476

    You should try updating the motherboard's chipset and/or agp drivers. Download them from the motherboard's download page or the chipsets site.

    If you want to run directX9 software, you need a newer videocard, that may be the cause of the other problems you have had. You need atleast a Fx5200, or better yet a Radeon 9600.
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