Agp vs On-board

By te00
Jul 7, 2007
  1. My friend has this prob.

    His motherboard is asus p4v8x-mx and has onboard graphic ''card''.
    He want to disable and put a geforce 6200.

    The problem is that either he delete the onboard from xp and install geforce drivers,either he disable it in the bios,the computer doesnot recognize his geforce..

    He has managed to install it for 3-4 days but sometimes xp loads the onboard drivers and he cant use his card.
  2. booz3d

    booz3d TS Rookie

    usually, on board display cards are automatically disabled when the AGP or PCI-X slots are equipped. this mean that your friend's card is not fully in the AGP or PCI-X slot. try to turn off the computer and check that the card is all the way in the AGP/PCI-X slot. by the way, both display drivers can live inside the system at the same time. window will only load the driver it needs.
  3. te00

    te00 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 29

    if the card do not fit in the slot,i wonder how sometimes the machine starts with vga card.
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