AHHHH, this can't be happening

By D@nny
Apr 5, 2006
  1. I was about to play playboy the mansion after it crashed. Send Error report just like I got from Oblivion. I had gotten oblivion to work yesterday again. Yes no more error report it just did it after I did the default ini thing for like the 3rd time. I do dxdiag Direct3d and Directdraw do not work when i try to test them but it says there enabled....!! It said something about not supporting 16 bit memory. I check my video card from doing settings after right clicking the desktop and I see "THE CURRENTLY SELECTED GRAPHICS CARD ......DISPLAY DRIVER CANNOT BE USED.....WRIITTEN FOR A PREVIOUS VERSION OF WINDOWS AND IS NO LONGER COMPATIBLE. USING DEFAULT VGA DRIVER...." ! im at 4 bit pixels and at the lowest resolution 640 x 480 pixels. MY ATI radeon 9250 agp graphics card is suppported i'v been using it fine for the past 2 years. It did say drivers though so Im guessing its the 6.3 drivers I GOT again man ATI has ****ty *** drivers thats why i stayed at 4.9 so i wouldn't have to deal with the errors i was getting from bf2 i upgraded to 6.3 and now this.. What should i do uninstall my drivers or go for the 9.3 driver.. Anyone kno why this is happening with 6.3? I have windows media center edition luckily I have a nvidia 6800 gs coming in the mail by tommorow I doubt ill continue to get this error by then since i have nvidia drivers but Can i get any advice on how to solve this. This 6.3 driver is what gave me the error report all of a sudden for oblivion. Everything is so clear now ATI drivers do belong in the trash. Im currently getting the latest version of direct x again even though in dxdiag it says i have verison 9.0c . But they also say no problems found in the display tab....
    Oh yeah and im getting the catalyst driver version 9.3 or something. I really hope this fixes the problem...
  2. mailpup

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    I don't follow you regarding Catalyst 9.3. The latest Catalyst is 6.3 so I'm confused there. Also, just checking, do have Windows XP Media Center or plain Windows XP? Either way it is not clear to me if you installed the correct version of Catalyst 6.3. There is an XP Media Center version and also an XP version. I don't know if there is a real difference but there are different links, so maybe.

    BTW, .NET Framework is required. Is that installed?
  3. D@nny

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    yeah i remember getting that. On the site i tried downloaded their driver 9.3 but thats not even a driver. Its media center edition and the problem is back now...:( it set me back to a vga driver when i look at my video settings its like 1 by 1 pixel what can i do to fix this
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