Albatron for overclocking

By wolfram
May 11, 2006
  1. Hi everyone,
    Last time I was on, looking for a new motherboard, I decided to buy a MSI 865PE Neo2-V motherboard, but it´s a little expensive for me, since I don´t work yet :mad: :unch:
    So, I saw on Newegg today the fantastic price of this Albatron mobo:

    For me, it´s quite a difference between the 2 mobos.
    The questions are:
    a) What do you think about the quality of this mobo? Is Albatron a good, respectable company?
    b) What about overclocking? I really want to overclock my CPU. Does this thing have agp and pci locking mechanism?

    Another questions about overclocking... I have 512MB of Corsair Value Select RAM, and i saw on the web that this is not the best RAM for overclocking. I don´t want to overclock the RAM, just the FSB.
    Is it possible to overclock the FSB without touching the RAM? What about the RAM:FSB ratio?

    Sorry about all the questions, but I never overclocked before.
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