All search engines seem horrible today and getting worse every year


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I hate all the search engines. If I go back about 10 years, it did not matter what I was searching for, I could find it. At that time whether diagnosing some seriously out-of-date server hardware or software, or figuring out a defunct programming language to fix a bug, or just tinkering with building my own logic circuits, I could generally find an answer. Now a days it can be weeks or months of looking. I regularly find myself 20 or 30 pages into a search result sets.

I guess if I am looking for the syntax of a function, for a popular programming languages (Python, Java, etc.) the result get me there, for old or less common languages good luck. For common stuff in Linux, I seem to get moderate success, even though on occasion you need to dig a few pages into the result, but for most things I do with Linux the answers are hard to come by. I find that if I'm not using the exact tile of an article (with the answer I need) I'll never find the answer. Search engines seem to be for finding "popular" results (for silly useless questions) not for finding real answers for complex problems. If you want to actually learn something useful you're going to get very frustrated with all the search engines.

The search engines need to first grasp context of the search, and then use the terms (maybe with a hierarchy of relevance) to narrow down and sort by relevance the results.

Well Stack Exchange, that's equally useless. Across 20 or so different Stack Exchange sites I am probably pushing over 100 question that haven't got an answer. Well some have, because months or years later I went back and answered my question, that is till I just gave up on them completely.

I think I may have to resort to using libraries (those places with tons of books) again. Going to have to brush up on how to use a card catalog and the dewey decimal system.


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Make sure you investigate boolean search results to improve your results. For example, you own a classic Neo Geo home arcade and you want to search for games for it but you are getting messed up by the arcade machine >> MVS and the CD pocket version or the latest release the Neo Geo Gold. Just type the search again like this >> Neo Geo -mvs -pocket -gold and your search results improve. When one word needs to proceed to another, use quotes. For example: If I search Michael Jackson I am likely to see the singer but there will be webpages that just have Michael and there will be webpages that just have Jackson. If I search his name in quotes I will only get results that match Michael Jackson and I won't see Michael Jordan or Mike Smith. Reggie Jackson. I am only scratching the surface of the power of search with boolean strings.