Allwinner Tech - A13 - 7" Generic Android Tablet - That Will Not Boot

By Nimpo
Dec 27, 2014
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  1. Hello..,

    I have a generic / no-name.., 7" Android Tablet.., which was working fine.., but then locked-up one day.., so I turned it off.., and when I tried to turn it back on.., the 'Green Man' Android screen came up.., and it just sits on that screen.., with no other detail or error message displayed.

    I've tried all of the.., push this button and that button together.., to hard reset.., to no result.

    Does anyone have any suggestions.., on what to do to repair this kind of generic / no-name tablet..??

    If so.., I would greatly appreciate any guidance on how to proceed.., as well as any link to firmware / software that can help reset this tablet.

    Here is all of the information that I can find.., from the parts 'inside' of this tablet.., as there is no exterior identification of any kind.., and there was also no 'brand' on the plain box it came in.., it just says.., "Android Tablet".

    Generic 7" Android Tablet

    D2083CA 33B1
    Board - Q8_KB708_ V1.1

    200804118437717 device

    Please advise.., if you have any suggestions.., on how to fix this type of tablet.

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