Amazon is pushing Fire TV Edition to soundbars, set-top boxes, and cars this year


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As we inch closer to CES 2020, Amazon is spilling the beans on one of its next big ambitions. By now it's no secret the company wants to be in every modern home to govern the smart things in our lives, but it also wants inside as many cars as possible.

The idea of baking a smart TV OS into a soundbar took off with the Anker Nebula in September 2019. The $230 device is capable of 4K streaming with Dolby Vision without the need for a set-top box and comes with an Alexa-enabled remote.

Amazon has been working with TV manufacturers to get Fire TV Edition on them, but now it's more interested in showing off new soundbars from TCL — the Alto 8+ and TS8011 — that are powered by the same software. The first is available in Canada and the US, and the other will be coming soon to most countries in Western Europe.

The company is also planning to enhance Fire TV with support for Dolby Atmos, HDMI switching, remote device control similar to Fire TV Cube, and far-field microphones for Alexa interactions.

Users will soon be able to use a soundbar to do the switching between your gaming console, Blu-Ray player, and every other device that you might want to plug into your smart TV. Amazon is essentially fighting to be the central hub for your home entertainment system through Fire TV.

Amazon says it will also push Fire TV Edition into car infotainment systems, starting with vehicles from Fiat, Chrysler, and BMW. Later this year, you'll also be able to do things like ask Alexa to pay for gas at 11,500 Exxon and Mobil stations in the US using Amazon Pay.

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If you are going to try and force us into privacy issues in the car, consider me only buying old cars from now on. I decided not to get a new SRT8 Jeep because of their satellite tracking of everything. Jeep - you saved me $60,000+. Thank you!


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Sorry...I don't need an "entertainment system" in my vehicle. Just give me a stereo, with the ability to connect my phone for streaming music...THAT is enough. "Fire TV"...oh, but only the passengers will be able to use that. ;)
About 2 years ago, I was driving down an interstate, noticed a glow from the vehicle in front of me.
When I passed, I noticed the ***** in the vehicle by themselves, had an ipad or other tablet on the dash, WATCHING A VIDEO!

kira setsu

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These car companies have lost their marbles, they cant justify a vehicles ridiculous price so now theyre just going to add whatever they can to keep it high, almost every morning I drive to work theres a wreck on my route, whenever people stop at a red light no matter how short they whip out a phone, someone needs to end this soon.