Amazon is teaming up with Kohl's to make returns easier

Greg S

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Amazon and Kohl's have inked a deal to allow Amazon customers to make returns to Kohl's stores. For now, the program will be fairly limited with just 82 locations participating in Chicago and the Los Angeles area.

Returns made to Kohl's will be processed free of charge and don't have to be packaged for shipping by the customer. Kohl's will handle any packaging necessary and ship returns back to Amazon on your behalf. Most items will likely be eligible for return although reasonable size and weight restrictions may apply.

With parking coming at a premium in these two densely populated areas, designated parking spots for customers making Amazon returns will be provided.

Earlier this month, the two announced a new Amazon smart home experience featuring Alexa-enabled devices that'll be trialed in 10 select stores.

Amazon has continued to make large investments into retail operations, most recently with the acquisition of Whole Foods. The company, often blamed for the demise of brick-and-mortar stores, is showing that growth in sales cannot solely rely on online orders.

The new program will launch in October but individual stores may take time to introduce Amazon products and services to their locations.

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Uncle Al

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It's a good business move, especially if they extend it to every Kohl's store. Certainly beats having to go to the post office but now the big question ..... are they about to buy out Kohl s too?
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