Amazon now delivers wine directly to your doorstep

Shawn Knight

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It's no secret that Amazon has one of the largest selections of products of any online store. The company has continually expanded their product catalog to include things like streaming video and even a locker delivery system. Today the e-retailer...

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Can't wait for the 7-Eleven's and all night groceries to start the same service. Order by phone, and ten minutes later the delivery guy is at your door under the highway overpass with your premium selection of Wild Irish Rose and Night Train Express.


Can't wait for beer next! But too bad, Kansas will never allow it.


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Hope they don't come damage.. Who's dropping them off Amazon uses Laser Delivery Here a white unmarked van pulls up at all hours. Guy in a red shirt with black shorts. Told me there was a huge Amazon warehouse for packaging in Miami Beach that Amazon runs for Deliveries.


Why not drop it in my car? Anyone seen this Cardrops thing they're doing in Europe? Saw it pop up on Techcrunch and Springwise last week..

Pan Wah

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It doesn't seem very new, many grocery chains and fast food deliverers include wine/beer in the service in my area (UK).:confused: