amd 1.2 becomes 800mhz???

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Nov 4, 2004
  1. evening all. turned on my pc last night and it told me the cmos was set wrong. the time and date had reverted back to when the pc was built. i adjusted time and date and redetected drives using the f3 button (i think!!). everything started up ok. started it tonight and realised my 1.2 tbird is shown as an 800 mhz cpu!! anyone any ideas wots wrong? cheers
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    I had a Tbird do a similar thang. It went from a 1.3 to 1 (I think, It's been a while and I passed the machine on). At any rate, I had it set to 133 in bios but it reset itself to 100 and would no longer accept 133. It was time for me to upgrade anyway, but I'd like to know what happened. I change out the CPU before passing it on to a friend. She's in PC heaven after leaving a PI 100Mhz running 95.
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    1.2 becomes 800

    interesting comment cos my cpu wont even boot up when speed is 133! had to reset cmos after changing it. its speed didnt say 100 or 133 but RESERVED. odd because when i toggled thro the options it gave me a choice of 100/100 133/133 100/133 133/100 but would not go back to reserved!! gonna reformat and do a clean xp install i think. if that dunt work its a good excuse to buy a 2800 xp and new mobo!!!
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    A reload of windows is probably a waste of time .
    Clear your CMOS and then reset in Bios the correct Clock speed.You will have to redo most of the settings in fact to what you had them before.You can make note of the other settings before you Reset.
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    Make sure your bios is flashed with an updated version. It probably isn't anymore due to the CMOS dump. My Amd 1800+ (1529mhz - 11.5*133fsb) reset itself to 1150 mhz(11.5*100fsb). I went to the mobo website (In my case: Shuttle) and downloaded and flashed new bios version which included support for XP processors. That allowed the fsb to be set from 100mhz to 133mhz and remedied the whole problem.
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