AMD announces PCI-X 2.0 tunnel for Opteron processors

By Phantasm66
Jun 14, 2004
  1. "AMD today announced details of its AMD-8132 HyperTransport PCI-X 2.0 tunnel. The chipset will increase data throughput and improve RAS capabilities for 1-way and 2-way servers and workstations, the company said."

    According to this article, "the 8132 is the latest product in a growing line-up of supporting devices for AMD's Direct Connect Architecture." In case you don't know what this means, its that Direct Connect Architecture directly connects the processors, the memory controller and the I/O to the central processor unit, helping to smash bottlenecks inherent in a front-side bus. The technology also makes it easier to put two cores on a single chipset.

    I keep telling ya all - watch what happens to hardware over the next year and watch where you spend your money. Computers are going to change again, big time. No doubt SMP will be the norm, next. Not to mention a whole bunch of other stuff we will have to pay through the nose for, too.

    More here.
  2. Too bad Tom forgot to give a proper link so we could learn wether it was PCI-X or PCI-Express...

    And since PCI-X isn't compatible with PCI-Express this is quite shoddy journalism from them. They should at least use abbrevations that does not create confusion, and it would also be prefereable with a link to where they learned about it!
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