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Jun 22, 2005
  1. Thanks "Techspot"
    I recently purchased a barebones kit Abit KV7-V Barebone Kit / AMD Athlon XP 2900+ / 512MB DDR PC3200 / ATX Mid-Tower Case with 500 Watt Power Supply (TC3G-7002) which included this processor. When I clicked the link on the retailers page regarding warranty and support information I was directed to a page stating the product was nolonger available. This led me to the AMD web page; where I was unable to find any information at all regarding this cpu. I then searched the web and found your posting on this cpu. After reading the 5/29/2005 post I contacted the retailer from whom I purchased the kit from. I sent them an e-mail describing the problem and am waiting to hear back from them. I will keep you posted of the outcome.
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    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    What problem are you having exactly?

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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    I have the TigerDirect Barebones Ultra System.

    Abit KV7-V Socket A Motherboard
    CP2-XP29004BC AV AMD Athlon XP 2900+ CPU 400FSB Barton
    ULT30215 Ultra 512MB PC3200 DDR 400MHz CL3
    ULT31795 Ultra Wizard Black Mid Tower w/500w Standard PSU
    Added :Speeze Socket A/370 CPU Ultra Quiet Blue LED Fan
    Added :pNY Geforce FX5200 AGP

    Problem #1:Booted to WIN 98 once and failed after running scandisk.
    I've installed my old HDD that is recognized by the MB (WD 80Gb Caviar Drive) and it does have my previously loaded Win98 SE OS on it (I'm trying to save my data). It was recommended from another computer Guru to check the P.S. Do I've swapped out the Ultra 500W PS with one that was working in my old system 430W PS. The voltage readings as per the PC Health Check from the MB setup menu.

    430W PS 500W PS
    CPU CORE: 1.66 1.66
    ATX (+3.3V) 3.23 3.26#-see note.
    ATX (+5V) 4.97 5.18
    ATX (+12V) 11.73*-see note 12.16#
    AGP 1.60 1.60
    DDR 2.67 2.67
    BATTERY (3V) 3.15 3.20
    STANDBY(+5V) 5.0*-see note 5.04

    NOTE* 430W PS results with the HDD pwr disc. the +12V flucuated between +11.55 and +11.61, the +5V STANDBY increased to +5.01V

    NOTE# 500W PS results with the HDD pwr disc. the +12V increased to +12.03V the +3.3V flucuated between +3.26 and +3.28V
    I've swapped out CD R/RW drives and FDD (these devices have previously worked in my old system). Both the HDD and CD drives are set as Masters on separate IDE cables 0 and 1 respectively. Swapped IDE cables.
    The system stops and outputs a this message:
    "Boot from CD:
    (I tried both my XP setup disk in the CD drive and my Win98 SE setup disk in the drive).
    I also tried putting a DOS setup disk in the "A" drive and nothing. Still same error message.
    I also set my IDE 1 device to none (removing the CD from the boot menu) and now get the following:
    even though I had a DOS SETUP in my A drive(this cable has also been swapped with the one that came with the MB).
    I had WINDOWS 98 SE loaded on a second HDD a WD 10GB Caviar that I pulled from my old system and upgraded with the 80GB drive (that now doesn't work). This 10GB HDD booted up fine, but system still don't find the FDD.

    PROBLEM #2:
    Can't connect to the Internet.OS didn't recognize the integrated lan on the MB.
    To get the Integrated Lan to run I had to load an older driver found on the the VIA\6103 driver from the CD VIA149M supplied with the ABIT KV7-V MB.

    PROBLEM #3:
    The MB don't detect either HDD. I broke the system when I tried to re-add the 80GB drive back into the system as a Primary SL, also the MB doesn't recognize my CPU as a XP 2900+ w/FSB as 400 MHz. Its showing up as a XP 990MHz w/FSB as 200MHz. Also I can't get Win 98 OS to run . I tried using both the Cable Select and Slave drive jumper settings on the drives, and the 10GB HDD set as Master and Cable Select. I have even removed the drive and I can't get the MB to find the 10GB drive I previously had success with. The MB still doesn't detect the FDD "A" drive (which has also been swapped with a brand new one). The system also won't boot up with the WIN 98 setup disk in the CD-R/RW.

    I of course re-set the MB CMOS by powering down and removing the power cord and using the shorting jumper.
    I switched IDE cables and power connectors with the CD R/RW (that the MB always detects). This was no help!
    I tried to manually run the set for the drive.
    I finally got the MB to recognize my CPU (as an AMD ATHLON XP 2900+) when I ran set-up and forced the FSB to 400MHz. I then retried to run set-up for the 10GB HDD as a single drive. No help!
    I then removed the jumper from the drive and set it to a nuetral position (pins 6&4), the MB then recognized both my CPU and HDD.

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    Reply from ABIT Support.

    Here's the message ABIT keeps sending me for the "A" drive problem I've had since my first boot. Note: FDD cables have been changed and reversed, drives were swapped (*one brand new never used).
    "Dear Valued Customer,
    We only provide technical support to the ABIT hardware (motherboard, video card.) If you have any software issues please contact the software vendor, software provider, or software maker. For courteous, please read the suggestions below.
    The old motherboard and new motherboard is not using the same chipsets. You can not just switch the old hard drive to the new board and expect it to work.

    please back up your data and format the drive or use a clean hard drive to reinstall your Operating system from scratch.

    Thank you for choosing ABIT.

    In my humble opinion; I've never seen a mother board as inconsistent as this one (ABIT KV7-V). Sometimes it detects both my 10GB Pri. Master the 80GB Pri. Slave, and at other times it only detects one the Pri. Slave (which it did boot to the OS once then preformed a scandisk and hasn't gotten to the OS since). It always detects my FDD but refuses to boot from, regardless of the boot priority. It always detects my CD and sometimes it will boot from it.

    I'm not a computer guru by anybodies imagination. However at one time I was responsible for the H/W and S/W upgrades of 180 PC's of a large communications corporation for whom I worked for 30 yrs.+. I was one of the few techs who were permitted by the communications corporation and the out sourced company responsible for making the h/w repairs, allowed to open the cases and replace an FDD, HDD, PS, Memory sticks, Video cards, Lan cards(both Token Ring and 10BaseT), Digital and Analog Audio cards. The hardware repair was an out-sourced job, as this wasn't one of a telecommunications technician's primary functions. However the out source company responsible for the repairing the PC's would still honor the warranty, knowing I opened the case.
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