AMD Athlon 3000G in 2022

I am planning to build a PC for someone who has a very small budget for a PC and was considering the AMD Athlon 3000G
I have seen the review already
This PC will be mainly for web browsing and running spreadsheets. Although Windows 10 will be good for now, is it possible to upgrade to Windows 11 in future?

Are there better options currently in the market which are as affordable as the 3000G?


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This CPU is supported by Windows 11. It's good choice, when they want, they can change it to any AM4 CPU (like Ryzen 3 or 5) to get very good PC.


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I had a few of these 3000G CPUs to sell, so I used to build some basic business computers for a customer. It wasn't until I finished the builds with Windows installed and licensed and everything tested that I discovered that the 3000G was not compatible with the motherboard I put it in. Doh! I can't recall if I used a B450 Chipset or an A520 but everything went smoothly so I built 2 more and they worked just fine too.

They have been in the field for about 4 months now, and so far so good. If you do decide to go ahead and have trouble finding a motherboard for the 3000G check back in on this thread and I will look up the motherboard I used and let you know here. =)